About Us

Lock-in Value Equity Limited, is a company with substantial capital backing, and many years of accumulated experience in the property and financial markets.

How We Hedge Your Risk

Commercial property owners, developers and house builders need to protect their portfolios and land banks and thus use sophisticated hedging techniques, to protect against declines in value.

Financial firms in the City of London and in the USA have developed complicated hedging mechanisms, often based on indices of property prices relating to specific areas, enabling these companies to offset the risk of rising and falling prices.

We are now bringing a product previously only available to such large corporate investors, to private home owners who want to protect the value of their properties against fluctuating values. Our techniques include the utilisation of interest rate swaps and futures, derivatives and other esoteric financial instruments.

Using capital reserve calculations with historical and Monte Carlo analysis, it has been determined, against a worst-case scenario of housing prices declining in excess of 30% over the next 10 years, that a capital ratio of 20:1 is appropriate. We maintain a substantially greater ratio.

LIVE Gives You Peace of Mind At a Competitive Price

Our expertise and financial strength enable us to offer you the option to “lock in” the value of your property at a set level providing you with peace of mind at a highly competitive price.